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Gretel And Hansel HD Torrent Movie Download 2020 - 100 HD Films

Gretel And Hansel HD Torrent Movie Download 2020

Gretel And Hansel HD Torrent Movie Download 2020

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Movie Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Movie Release Year: 2020
Film Language: English
Movie Size: 3.88 GB
Quality Of Movie: 1080p
Stars: Sophia LillisSamuel LeakeyAlice Krige

Gretel And Hansel Movie First Official Trailer


A baby girl in a village falls ill and is not expected to survive. The father takes the child to see an enchantress, who removes the illness but leaves power within the girl. The villagers go to the girl, as she grows up, to hear her premonitions, but she uses her power to kill people, including her father. She is taken into the woods to be abandoned. There, she lures other children to their deaths. She becomes known as the Beautiful Child.

The scene shifts to teenaged Gretel (Sophia Lillis) and her younger brother, Hansel, after their father’s death. They meet a man about a housekeeping job, but he reveals his true intentions by asking Gretel if she is still a virgin. The children leave without work. Their mother rebukes Gretel for not helping provide for them and threatens to kill Gretel if they do not leave the house. The siblings flee and find a hut to stay for the night, but a ghoulish man appears and attacks Hansel. A hunter (Charles Babalola) saves the siblings and takes them to his home. The next morning, the siblings go out to forage and seek work. Hansel is drawn to a house with the smell of cake coming from it. Holda (Alice Krige) invites them inside for a meal and allows them to sleep there in exchange for work. Holda sends Hansel to the woods to practice his skills with an axe while keeping Gretel indoors. Hansel is happy but Gretel grows suspicious of Holda. She sees a vision of the Enchantress and hears children’s voices. Holda shows Gretel how to tap into her powers as a witch. Hansel also sees a vision of the Enchantress and an inverted pentagram carved into a tree.

Gretel And Hansel Full Movie Detail:

Gretel & Hansel (also known as Gretel & Hansel: A Grim Fairy Tale) is a 2020 dark fantasy horror film based on the German folklore tale “Hansel and Gretel” by the Brothers Grimm. The film is directed by Oz Perkins, and produced by Fred Berger, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and Dan Kagan, with a screenplay by Rob Hayes. Sophia Lillis and Sam Leakey portray the title characters, alongside Charles Babalola, Jessica De Gouw, and Alice Krige. The story follows Gretel and Hansel as they enter the dark woods in order to find work and food, and then stumble upon the home of a witch.

It was announced in October 2018 that Orion Pictures had started developing Gretel & Hansel, a film adaptation based on the German folklore Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm, with Perkins directing the film from a screenplay he co-wrote with Hayes. At the same time, Lillis was set to star in the film, with other actors being added shortly after, and filming taking place between November and December 2018 in Dublin, Ireland..Wikipedia

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